Vaikundarajan appreciates Rai’s decision

B. Ramanath Rai, Minister for Forests, Ecology and Environment, ruled out any involvement of members of political parties in illegal sand mining in Dakshina Kannada.

Mr. Rai boldly dismissed the allegations in a matter of fact way by saying, “I cannot accept bland statements that the sand mafia is active here. If there are any political party workers involved in illegal sand mining, provide specific details about the person. Action will certainly be taken against them. The party men who are engaged in sand mining are those who have been doing so for over several years now with authorised permits.”

Vaikundarajan, the Chairman and Managing Director of V. V. Minerals, said that he was surprised by Rai’s this step. Rai had, in one simple solution, conveyed the message to all the trouble-makers that unnecessary and baseless allegations will not be entertained by the state. V. V. Minerals is facing allegations of illegal sand mining since a while now. Vaikundarajan said that he is holding strong against all the cases and hopes that the other states will take Rai’s example and decide in good faith.

Mr. Rai also added that such issues are surfacing due to the unclear policies. He said, “We are close to coming out with a policy on sand extraction in non-CRZ areas, which will resolve the issue of illegal sand mining.”


Bihar: The new haven for illegal sand mining

Illegal sand mining has been an issue in India for more than 3 years now. New reports suggest that Bihar is the newly hit state by illegal sand mining.

It was confirmed by Sushil Kumar Modi, the former Deputy Chief Minister and Finance Minister of the Bihar state that unlawful sand mining was prevalent in the region and all of it accounted to millions from the public money.

Sushil Kumar Modi also claimed that the respective police and, mining and transport departments were helping such activities to protect “vested interests.”

In a press release, Sushil Kumar Modi stated that “There is illicit sand mining taking place from Sone river across a dozen districts in breach of the NGT (National Green Tribunal) ban on it … Hundreds of trucks carrying sand make underhand payment of Rs 6000 [+/- US$90] on each vehicle to the local police to carry sand for illicit trade,”.

The sanding and mining companies will be the most hit as they will be losing on both, the business and resources.  “It is well established that illegal mining has been happening since quite some time across various beaches of India. But till now, the parties responsible have not been traced down. In fact, businessmen like us come under scrutiny during each probe.” said Vaikundarajan, the MD of V. V. Minerals. VVM is the largest sand mining company and the only one to manufacture garnet in India.