V Subramanian, VV Mineral India Director, And Tribune India In Conversation

VV-Mineral-V-SubramanianDirector of VV Minerals India, V Subramanian, in conversation with Tribune India spoke about the heavy minerals market in India.

“The market size of heavy minerals is around 1.2 million tonne worldwide and 700000 tonne in India,” he informs. Though India has 40% of world’s total reserve, the production contribution as compared to world market is less than 5%.

The main reason for this difference is the mining lease approval process that involves 26 different government departments. This, in turn, takes roughly 7-8 years for clearance.

“Beach sand industry easily generates forex in the tune of Rs 3500-4000 crore each year,” he says. VV Minerals, which was founded by Vaikundarajan in late 1980s generates garnet (750,000 tonne per year), ilmenite  (11 lakh tonne per year), zircon (50,000 tonne per year), rutile (35,000 tonne per year) and silimanite (60,000 tonne per year).

Speaking on future demands, he says, “These minerals are used for making of welding electrodes. India imports almost 1.5 lakh tonne of titanium dioxide for production which is still less than actual consumption. The consumption level could grow 5-10 times considering that we consume 400gm per head of population as compared to USA’s 4kg per head.”


Local Industry Suffering From Mining Ban, Says V Subramanian

In 2013, a ban on beach mineral mining was imposed in Tamil Nadu. This ban has severely hit the local industry and rendered many locals jobless, causing a huge loss to everyone in the process.

VV Mineral’s Managing Partner, V Subramanian came strongly against the ban stating, “The local industry is nearly without job as a result of the ban that was effected in August last year. It has rendered joblessness to around 50,000 people including 15,000 of ours. The country is losing forex amounting to at least Rs 10,000 crore a year.”

VV Mineral Mining Explains The Problems Faced By Mining Industries Due To Delay In Processing Leases

The mining sector has suffered heavily due to the pending mining leases. Over 3000 applications are said to have been pending due to long application process. V Subramanian, Director of VV Minerals said, “The long drawn and protracted mining lease application process involving 28 ministries and departments at state and central government levels, leading to a total gestation time of more than 2800 days (nearly 8 years) was severely impacting the industry.”

VV Mineral India Receives Green Card From Central Government


VV Mineral India received a ‘Green Card’ from the India Central Government  which will now help VV Mineral further the heavy mineral export from our country. Sudarsana Natchi­appan was the man who brought the good news to the media while attending an awards ceremony in Kolkata. He is the Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industries

Making a Difference in Students’ Lives Is Rewarding: VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

VV Mineal Mining - VVM-CareAlong with VVM Care there are other ways in which VV Minerals chooses to add value to the lives of people. The VV College of Engineering is one such example. Recently a placement readiness workshop was held for the second and third year engineering students.

VVCOE or VV College of Engineering recently conducted a placement readiness workshop. The workshop was open to all second and third year students from the undergraduate engineering courses.

The organisation that enriched the lives of these engineering students was Focus Academy for Career Enhancement.

Focus Academy for Career enhancement is a skill development company of repute. More than 700 students were seen taking advantage of this opportunity.

The workshop packed with 700 enthusiastic students consisted of an interaction session to clarify doubts about placement processes. They were also given an understanding on preparing for interviews.

An external speaker was also invited by the skills development organisation Focus Academy to bring an added information and experiences to the workshop.

The external expert present at the event was Mr. Hussain Ali who shared information on the various skill sets available and how to harness then to get placed in top companies.

VV Mineral – An Undisputed Giant in The Heavy Mineral Export Industry


The one name that comes to mind when talking about heavy mineral mining in Tamil Nadu, India is VV Mineral Mining.  Garnet and Ilmenite exports from India – The company is owned By S. Vaikundarajan, with dynamic and professionally qualified family members like V Subramanian, J Muthurajan, S Jegatheeesan.

The VV Minerals Story

VV-MineralsThe journey from where VV Mineral became a company to one of the largest heavy mineral mining company’s in India started in 1989. Back then turnover was Rs 64 lakh, today its makes a turnover of nearly Rs. 500 crore.

Such has been its transformation. With hard work, dedication and innovation, the company has reached its pinnacle in the trade and made its mark in the industry. VV Minerals is a privately owned heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu is managed by Subiah Vaikundarajan.

A year into its formation, the company built a garnet processing unit in Keeraikaranthattu, with a capacity of about 5000 metric tons per annum in 1989. In those days, domestic consumption for Garnet abrasives was small, so its major client was a UAE-based company. Since then the company has significantly diversified its businesses into construction, infrastructure, textiles, chemicals, pigments, food and agro businesses.

They also deal with Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining. Today Vaikundarajan modest company stands at a Rs. 2000 crore conglomerate. With young manager like V Subramanian, who is the son of Mr. Vaikundarajan, the company continues to grow creating higher prospects for India to excel in the global markets.