Will Soon Be Cleared Of All Allegations Says VV Minerals

VV Minerals, founded in late 1980s by S Vaikundarajan, is known to be the highest producer of minerals such as Garnet and Ilmenite. However, a lot of speculation surrounding the company’s involvement in illegal beach mining has surfaced.

The company has taken legal advice against such baseless allegations and rumours. No evidence has yet been submitted in the court that could confirm the company’s involvement in scam.

District Collector Ashish Kumar of Tuticorin was one of the first people to raise his voice against the company. However, when no evidence was found, the District Collector had to face a transfer. Yet again, VV Mineral Vaikundarajan was blamed to have used his political influence in Kumar’s transfer.

VV Minerals’ spokesperson, speaking to NDTV, denied these allegations and claimed that the “charges made by the former District Collector are baseless, motivated and vague.”


No Proof Against VV Mineral Vaikundarajan In Illegal Atomic Mineral Mining Case

The Tamilnadu Police carried out a raid at the Tirunelveli district factory and office premises of S Vaikundarajan, in association with the alleged charges of illegal beach mining of atomic particles like monosite and thorium. Vaikundarajan is the Managing Director and owner of VV Minerals.

As per the Police statement, apparently several documents and computer hard disc had been seized during the raid. Any further clarification on the final outcome of the raid was not provided.

However, an eyewitness to the raid maintained that the police seized only some of the award certificates won by the company. During the proceedings of the case against V. V. Minerals, the court asked whether police had any proof that the company exported sand to an atomic firm and whether the sand actually contained thorium.

Two Writ Petitions Pending With Madras High Court VV Minerals

Two Writ Petitions -VV MineralsVV Minerals was a founded by S Vaikundarajan in the late 1980s. It has been operating for almost two decades under his leadership.

Recently, the company stated that there is a lack of technology to separate thorium from monazite. Monazite is automatically generated during the mineral separation process. This was later confirmed by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). VV Minerals is known for extracting and exporting garnet and ilmenite to over 20 countries. It has won several national awards for its contribution to the export business.

Former principal scientist at Central Marine Fisheries Research institute in Kochi expressed his concerns that the company does not follow the procedure recommended by AERB.

These claims were rubbished by VV Mineral Vaikundarajan who stated that the company is operating well within the legal boundaries. He further stated, “All these grouses are a set up by IREL officials. We have established a mineral separation plant and approached the AERB for a license, which is awaited.”

District collector of Kanyakumari, Rajendra Ratnoo added to the allegations that VV Minerals has been mining without proper regulatory clearance. This allegation was thwarted by VV Mineral Vaikundarajan who said that IREL was the one illegally mining in VV Mineral’s land and indulged in questionable practices. “No authority is ready to take action based on our complaint. Hence we approached the High Court,” he added.

Since the allegations have surfaced, the sand mining activities have been temporarily suspended. The company has filed two writ petitions that are pending with the Madras High Court.

Thorium Scam Just Another Means To Defame The Company, VV Mineral

Thorium-Scam-VV MineralWorld Nuclear Association estimates 300,000 tonnes of thorium deposit in India alone. However, recently thorium scam has been in the news for having been smuggled causing energy security in the country.

This accusation has been particularly directed towards Vaikundarajan, founder of  VV Minerals India. It is a known fact that the company operates extensively in the southern Tamil Nadu with legal licenses issued by Indian Bureau of Mines.

Established in late 1980s, the company has been in the mining business with several national awards to its name. The company is recognized for being the first in the industry to export ilmenite along with elements like thorium and zircon.

V Sundaram, a former IAS officer has written a letter to government accusing the company of amassing 96,000 Crore rupees through illegal mining. Following this allegation, an investigating team was set in place to look into the matter. When the results turned out to be in favour of the company, Sundaram demanded a CBI inquiry.

While there is no evidence in sight, thorium scam is another shot in the dark to malign the reputation of companies like VV Minerals Vaikundarajan, who is mostly known to be media shy, has come out and defended the company’s operations as ethical and legal. VV Mineral loyalists too have come out strongly in support of the company.

Whether the thorium scam holds any substance or not remains to be seen. VV Mineral Vaikundarajan and co believe the balance will be tilted in their favour.


96,000 Crore In India Rupees Is An Absurd Amount Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

VV Minerals India is a company run by the simple and down-to-earth owner S Vaikundarajan. He has recently been slammed with various claims, one of them being the alleged illegal mining and export of thorium to other countries. The total alleged ware is being priced at Rs. 96,000 crore.

VV Minerals Given A Clean Report By The Department Of Atomic Energy Says S Vaikundarajan


VV Minerals is a mining company based in the state of Tamil Nadu. S Vaikundarajan is the whole and sole maker of this company who has brought up the company from scratch and has thus become the forerunner of the mining industry.

‘Thorium Scam’ Is Just A Word, In Reality It Is An Attempt To Frame VV Minerals

ThoriumVV Minerals and Vaikundarajqan repeatedly maintain their position and opinion of being victims of serious attempts at defamation and professional framing at the hands of their industry rivals. Their argument is simple, if we did not have the knowledge of thorium or the machinery to extract the said heavy mineral then where is the alleged ‘thorium scam’?

Vaikundarajan and VV Minerals allegedly blamed of a thorium scam have been in the heavy mineral mining industry for nearly twenty years. They have always been the ones to conduct business by the book.

The reasons for them being forerunners in the heavy mineral mining industry are manifold; following rules, maintaining licensing, professional achievements and green initiatives for surroundings and their dwellers are all natural courses of action for this company

When in 2013 the company was brought under the scanner for a thorium scam it came as a shock not just to those who are a part of the company but even its well wishers.

Majority of the populace in the same industry are miles away from comparing their success to the industry giant and thus VV Minerals suspects sinister intentions behind the alleged thorium scam proceedings.

However, all hope is not lost for the company and its owner S Vaikundarjan. They have challenged the claim of their involvement in the thorium scam with a case in the High Court.

While S Vaikundarajan is a low key, down-to-earth man, in the wake of the alleged thorium scam he has been painted a sand mafia.

Whether or not the thorium scam is a reality, VV Minerals or any of its associates are far from being a part of it.