Beach Sand Mining – Misconceptions in India

Beach Sand Mining (BSM) is a process to extract rare earth minerals from open pits. There are misconceptions about BSM, that it affects environment and is a threat to biodiversity.  BSM normally consists of ilmenite, rutile, zircon, garnet, monazite, leucoxene and sillimanite. Ilmenite is the major rare earth element which is used large in the consumer products and high tech applications.

For instance; the companies who extract rare earth minerals from the field just scoop the top inch of the beach. If they go any deeper, they would end up mining silica. Silica is not a rare earth mineral and is of no use to the industry. These minerals are skimmed early in the morning, as by the evening the minerals are washed off by heavy waves. Hence, it is necessary to scoop these minerals in the morning, as the sea deposits fresh layers of rare earth minerals.

V. V. Mineral is one of the largest exporters of ilmenite and garnet in India. S Vaikundarajan is the founder of V. V. Mineral and was found by him in the late 1980s. Several allegations are made against these top notch Beach sand mining companies.

A special team led by IAS officer Gagan Deep Singh Bedi has submitted contents of a report concerning the illegal BSM in southern districts. A petition to make the content public was submitted by an advocate, it states that the public has the rights to know the details of the report.  The Madras High Court Bench has transferred the public interest petition to Principal Seat of High Court in Chennai, following the advocate’s petition.

After a number of allegations were made against these mining firms, a special investigation team was set up by the State Government to look into the matters. Before submitting the report a detailed probe was conducted by the investigating team. The government decided to extend the enquiry to other areas and has kept the report confidential. The MD and CEO of V. V. Mineral, S. Vaikundarajan said, “The investigation was completed and report submitted in November 2013. However, no evidence of illegal activity was found against VV Mineral.”




Business Rivals Falsely Label VV Minerals As Sand Mafia

Sand Mafia, Sand Mining, VV MineralIntroduction: VV Minerals’s S Vaikundarajan’s absence from the media attention has made it very easy for people to label him as they like. In the wake of the recent illegal beach sand mining scam expose, VV Minerals’ business rivals have gone a step ahead and labeled the down-to-earth businessman a sand mafia. However, Sa Vaikundarajan remains positive through all of it.

VV Mineral is a well known name in the sand mining industry and has been a forerunner of the industry for two decades and is nowhere close to be a sand mafia.

However, the little known name behind the success of this mining giant is S Vaikundarajan who is now being falsely labeled a sand mafia.

The man behind these accusations is V Sundaram and VV Minerals’ business rival Daya Devadosan according to VV Minerals’ lawyer S Ravindran Duraisamy.

S Vaikundarajan has always remained behind the scenes and has never been a man to seek popularity or fame. The business rivals have taken advantage of precisely this and painted an evil picture of the man in the media.
When the scam was allegedly exposed the government had cleared VV Minerals for not owning any machinery that would make thorium mining possible.

Despite these clearances and repeated efforts by VV Minerals and Vaikundarajan their names are being dragged into this scam and the owner is being labeled a sand mafia, quite incorrectly.

Whether he is labeled a messiah or a sand mafia, S Vaikundarajan’s work and understanding of the industry cannot be belittled.

Illmenite Overlooked In India, Yet Illegal Minerals Mining Said To Be 96k Cr Biz In TN

Ilmenite Mining


According to Mr V Subramanian, managing director of VV Minerals owner, Illmenite is being overlooked in the country. His statement comes at a time when estimates say that illegal mineral mining costs the state of Tamil Nadu Rs 96,000.

Rivals have accused S Vaikundarajan, Mr V Subramanian father as being the kingpin of such illegal activities. A reason for such accusations lays in the fact that these companies are envious of VV Minerals growth in the sector and the goodwill it holds among the community. In any account these accusations proved to be false.

On the pressing matter of Illmenite, Mr Subramanian believes India have no value as far as their resources are concerned. Ilmenite is found in great percentage along the Indian coast. Facts as per AMDER state that there is about 348 million tons of ilmenite present in the country. This amounts to about 24.85% of the global markets. With this resource being in abundance in our country, India contributes only 6% towards the production of ilmenite.

VV Minerals is one of the pre-eminent companies that deal with Illmenite mining. The company is also one of the first companies to export ilmenite worldwide. VV Mineral is a privately owned heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu and managed by Mr.S. Vaikundarajan. He is the chairman, managing director of the VV Group of companies. The Company is a family grown business which was started in the year 1989. Since then the company has gone on to scale new heights year after year.

VV Mineral Beach Sand Mining Baron Vaikundarajan And Jayalalitha Have No Ties


S Vaikundarajan, the owner of the Tamil Nadu based sand mineral firm has no links with Jayalalitha. VV Mineral, India is one of the leading heavy mineral mining companies in the country. Established in 1989, the firm has since grown into a well known producer and exporter for minerals like garnet, ilmenite, rutile, and zircon.

VV Mineral conducts beach sand mining of minerals on the coasts of Tamil Nadu. As one of the first private companies involved in the export of such minerals commercially, the firm has tremendous knowledge on global trade practices with other countries. Over the years, Mr. Vaikundarajan has received countless awards in the export business.

Owing to the role played by a few mining companies, the heavy mineral mining industry in Tamil Nadu is languishing. When the scandal broke out, VV Mineral was also linked to this heinous thorium scam. So much so, the company was also accused of collaborating with political parties to get a sweeter deal. But as investigators found out, all of these claims were baseless and false.

VV Mineral is a family owned business and other eminent members of the management committee include, S. Jegatheesan, J. Muthurajan and V. Subramanian.

VV Minerals Owned By S. Vaikundarajan, Talks About Ban On Mining Activities In Tamil Nadu


The following video talks about The Economic Times story which was published on June 3, 2014, stating that the leading industry player, VV Minerals feels that the ban on mining activities has led to the unemployment of 50,000 people in Tamil Nadu. It also provided information about their mining activities in India. They are the largest  Ilmenite manufacturers and exporters in India. They are the first private ilmenite exporters of India. VV Minerals India has a huge market share in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Australia and USA. They are based in Tamil Nadu and the company is owned by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan. Mr. V. Subramanian the Managing Director of VV Minerals, also spoke about a few challenges the industry currently faces.

Importance Of Mining

MiningMining is an important profession, because almost all products used in modern homes require heavy minerals in some form or the other. Use of Minerals in our daily lives can even be in everyday products such as ceramic tiles, cosmetics, medicines, stationery, or even toothpaste. However we do not realize this fact because nobody buys minerals in the raw state, rather we use them as finished products such as TV or computer monitors, pens, houses, roads etc.

India’s GDP has grown steadily since Independence because it is backed by robust growth in the production of minerals such as iron ore, coal, copper, zinc, aluminium, magnesium, limestone, etc.

Without mining, manufacturing would not exist. Even agriculture is heavily dependent on minerals in the form of fertilizers that are needed for mass cultivation of food crops.

Only through mining, these minerals can be attained and used for economic growth.

One of the premier companies that indulge in heavy mineral mining of Garnet is V.V. Mineral. They are India’s biggest mining, manufacturers and exporters of Garnet. They have been awarded as the ‘Number One Garnet Exporters’ of our country. They also undertake Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining.

To boost India’s GDP and make inclusive growth a reality, mining needs to grow in a big way and hurdles cleared in the mineral supply of industry. Economic growth, poverty alleviation and employment generation cannot become a ground reality unless supported simultaneously by mining. Indeed, mining and its downstream activities together possess the potential to employ millions of people.

It is family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Group of companies.