Environmentally Sustainable Mining Practices Is The Need Of The Hour – Vaikundarajan

Neyveli Learning and Development Centre organized a seminar focusing on adoption of technology and practices for making mining environmentally sustainable. The seminar also focused on educating the masses on the important laws and regulations affecting the mining industry. The experts in mining sector present at the seminar engaged in a healthy debate on eco-friendly mining, environmental management, reclamation and afforestation.

“There is certainly a need for a balance between the growth of mining industry and minimising the mining effect on environment,” admits Vaikundarajan, founder of VV Minerals India. “Some areas of mining process such as open pit and surface mining do affect the environment. The industry needs to come together and curb the environmental hazards for a better future.”

While the growth of mining industry is vital to the country’s economy, there is a certain need to understand the challenges and address the sustainability and eco-friendly mining operations and solutions within a regulatory framework. The seminar was designed to plan a way forward for environmentally sustainable mining operations.

“New management strategies and technologies are already being developed and used by the mining industry. With time, these reforms will certainly bring about a change,” assures Vaikundarajan.

The seminar was attended by over 200 delegates and featured 66 technical papers in 5 different sessions on eco-friendly surface mining, green technology and environmental perspectives, hydro geology, ground water management, modelling and geospatial applications in mine environment.