S. Vaikundarajan: The Founder, Chairman & Managing Director, V.V. Mineral

An extremely humble yet a knowledgeable entity, Mr. Vaikundarajan is the Chairman and Managing Director of V. V. Group of Companies. He is also the founder of the company with his vision of striving for perfection has brought this company the ultimate success in the industry. It all began as a mining company and went on to become conglomerate involved in various industries like Food and Agro, Chemicals and Pigments, Paints, Sugar, Cement and others.

With deep understanding of the legal and statutory aspects of the company, Mr. Subramanian Vaikundarajan is very well versed with his liasoning skills. He comes from a very modest yet orthodox south Indian village that has imbibed in him strong values and allowed him to be ethical in all his principles.

He pays great attention to details, and strives for perfection in every one of his endeavors.

V. Subramanian: Director, V.V. Mineral

Mr. V Subramanian is the marketing head of V.V. Mineral. His professional career began with joining hands with the family business, V.V. Mineral. Mr. Subramanian holds a postgraduate degree in Business Administration. At first he accounts and finance but eventually he joined hands with Textile business.

Mr. Subramanian played a key role in the takeover of Kilburn Chemicals in 2011 which is now known as V.V. Titanium Pigments.

He has also taken active role in the charitable initiatives of the company, including the establishment of V.V. Charitable Trust, which assists needy children by offering free education and aids various local schools by facilitating numerous amenities and repairs.

Other eminent members that make up the team of Managing Directors of V.V. Mineral include Mr. S. Jegatheesan, J.  Muthurajan, V. Velmurugan, J. Chenthil Rajan.


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