VV Mineral is a well established heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu, India. They deal mainly with heavy mineral mining of minerals, namely Garnet, Zircon, Illmenite and Rutile. VV Mineral is a family owned company; they began with a decent ambition and went on to be the country’s biggest mining company. Globally they rank second for heavy mineral mining. . VV mineral is the biggest exporter of Illmenite and Garnet in India. The managing director, Mr. S Jegatheesan, is an expert on garnets. The chairman of the company Mr. S Vaikundarajan, is a kanyakumari based industrialist.

VV Mineral ensures high standard production of minerals. They make sure there are superior purity levels in the mineral contents. They emphasize on They have a time efficiency policy for all their export orders. They make sure the delivery is on time. The value of their packaging is quite good as well.

VV mineral has been running successfully for a lot of years. Ever since its inception, VV minerals has utilized the highly valuable sand stretches and contributed immensely to the economic growth of India. They have extensive infrastructure, an excellent knowledge about the market trends which allows them to conduct business effortlessly. VV Mineral provides world class manufacturing facility with a brilliant logistic service.

Stringent quality and process control and rich abundance in the natural resource for the minerals has allowed VV Mineral to excel in the mining industry far beyond the borders of our country. They have achieved significant market share in Europe, Middle East, East Asia, Australia and USA.


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