VV Minerals: Dragged Into Mining Scam Without Proof

VV Minerals - No Proof

VV Mineral Mining is the largest producer and exporter of Garnet and Ilmenite minerals in India. The VV Minerals director, has faced plenty of charges and accusations by the industry and the people, each time proving them wrong.

V Sundaram, the first District Collector of un-bifurcated Tirunelveli had sent a letter to the Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu in January 2013 about the illegal beach mining activities in Tamil Nadu. VV Minerals was the explicit target of this letter, but the lack of proof worked against Sundaram.

VV Mineral Vaikundarajan dismissed all allegations as a conspiracy by its business rivals. “Sundaram is passing this as a cruel joke. He is on the payroll of our business rival… Our hands are clear. We will come out clear from these allegations. Our records are straight” said Ravindram Duraiswami, advocate for VV Minerals told NDTV.

Ashish Kumar, the then District Collector had raided VV Minerals, trying to force a false case of illegal mining on the company. VV Mineral had shown complete support throughout the raid. It was later discovered that Ashish Kumar had conducted this raid without the knowledge of his seniors. Investigations proved his connections with rivals and he was transferred immediately.

Like Sundaram and Ashish, many have tried to sabotage the reputation of VV Minerals India, but the company stood strong and kept progressing.

In the wake of Tamil Nadu elections, stories connecting Jayalalithaa and VV Mineral Vaikundarajan have been spreading like wildfire. Without any proof such stories only remain rumours.


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