VV Minerals Will Re-Submit The Draft Scheme, Says VV Mineral Vaikundarajan

VV Mineral DrafThe Madras High Court had set aside an order that quashed the rejection of mining scheme of VV Minerals and Transworld Garnet India. Chief Justice Sanjay Kishan Kaul and Justice T S Sivagnanam observed the order issued by the Single Bench was, ‘bereft of any reason, nor did it deal with the respective submissions of the learned counsel for the parties.’

Furthermore, the submission of the companies to the Court was a plea to cure defects examined by the Bureau in the draft mining scheme. The Division Bench said that the compliances will have to be re-submitted and examined in accordance with the law by the authority.

The Bureau will have to issues the returned memo in the form issued earlier while mentioning the reasons as to what was not complied with. The memo will have to be issued to VV Minerals India and Transworld Garnet India within two weeks.

The differences came forth when the two companies stated to have complied with the requirements for submission of mining scheme. However, the Bureau denied any such compliance. The Bureau raised objections on the draft scheme submitted by VV Minerals India and alleged that the companies failed to remove all the defects in the draft scheme when it was re-submitted in January 2014.

Following these differences, VV Minerals India approached the Single Bench and sought re-consideration of the issue. Meanwhile, the court has ordered the Bureau to issue the memo again and the company to resubmit its draft scheme after that for beach sand mining.


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