All Allegations Against Company Are False And Unsubstantiated

VV Minerals was established in 1989 by Vaikundrajan. Since its inception, the company has gone on to become one of the top sand beach mining companies in India. It has also won several national awards for its contribution to the export business. Currently, VV Minerals India is the first company to export ilmenite along with zircon, garnet and rutile.

VV Mineral S Vaikundarajan is known to be a media shy person and prefers a low-key profile. Ever since the company has come under scrutiny for illegal beach mining, Vaikundarajan has been accused of using powerful political influence against the system. Several allegations have surfaced without any supporting evidence.

District Attorney Ashwin Kumar and ex-IAS officer V Sundaram have been vocal in their allegations. In the letter written by the latter, VV Mineral Vaiundarajan is accused of looting Rs. 96,000 crore.

VV Mineral S Vaikundarajan has laughed of these allegations and termed them as a ploy by rival businesses to slander his company.


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