VV Mineral Mining Stresses On The Need For Mining Of Monazite In India


“Provided that the government allows mining of monazite, India has the opportunity to fuel its own nuclear power generation without having to depend on imported uranium,” says VV Mineral Mining.

Currently only state owned companies like IRE and Kerala Metals and Minerals are allowed to mine monazite.

VV Mineral explains that with nearly 5000 MW installed capacity in nuclear generation, monazite is found in abundance in the country. India has rich source of uranium oxide, a mineral through which uranium is extracted.

S Vaikundrajan, founder of VV Minerals India quoted on UNI, “If we produce uranium from our own source, we can meet out the present requirement of our country for more than 600 years.” The government can stipulate condition that entire mined uranium will be supplied to Nuclear Power Corporation of India.”

He further informed of his company’s plans to expand nuclear generation capacity to 63,000 MW by 2031 which would require 10,806 tonne of uranium per year as fuel.

“In the long run, India is pursuing an indigenous nuclear technology plan comprising indigenous fast breeder reactors, pressurized heavy water reactors as well as pressurized light water reactors. Even though this is a long term plan, the requirement of uranium will continue for the operation of the existing plants,” VV Mineral Vaikundarajan added.

On government’s ‘Make in India’ programme, VV Minerals India said that it should encourage domestic mining as part of the strategy to overcome foreign dependency.

India has huge reserves of monazite that can be used for breeder reactors. If allowed, India can meet exceptional uranium requirement for nuclear generation domestically, suggests VV Mineral.

For More Details On News Follow The Link: http://news.webindia123.com/news/articles/India/20151213/2746872.html


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