Baseless Claims Of Illegal Beach Mining Cannot Harm VV Mineral’s Legacy or Quality

Illegal Beach Mining

Introduction: Right from the break of the alleged illegal beach mining scam in areas of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu the company being blamed for it, VV Minerals has maintained a singular stance – ‘We are innocent and hopeful of a positive outcome’. Not just the hope of a positive outcome but the confidence, integrity and faith in their work is glaringly obvious.

VV Minerals India and S Vaikundarajan have stood strong in the face of the alleged illegal beach ming scam that has befallen on them.

The company has taken extensive measures to prove their innocence and emerge an unblemished forerunner of the mining company.

However, in Vaikundarajan’s words, “The rivals are unrelenting and keep finding new ways to drag down VV Minerals but it does not affect our quality or legacy.”

Vaikundarajan continues, “ We have no reason to sought to illegal beach mining. By god’s grace and our good foresight we have brought the business to where it is today.”

“No amount of mud-slinging or allegations are going to change the fact that we are industry forerunners and the quality of our produce is number one in the national and international market.”

Until now VV Minerals has been allegedly connected to the illegal beach mining scam, state’s governing political parties and held responsible for coastal erosion.

And yet, the man with the vision, S Vaikundarajan stands tall owing to his clean business ethics, flawless record and un-paralleled quality.


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