Business Rivals Falsely Label VV Minerals As Sand Mafia

Sand Mafia, Sand Mining, VV MineralIntroduction: VV Minerals’s S Vaikundarajan’s absence from the media attention has made it very easy for people to label him as they like. In the wake of the recent illegal beach sand mining scam expose, VV Minerals’ business rivals have gone a step ahead and labeled the down-to-earth businessman a sand mafia. However, Sa Vaikundarajan remains positive through all of it.

VV Mineral is a well known name in the sand mining industry and has been a forerunner of the industry for two decades and is nowhere close to be a sand mafia.

However, the little known name behind the success of this mining giant is S Vaikundarajan who is now being falsely labeled a sand mafia.

The man behind these accusations is V Sundaram and VV Minerals’ business rival Daya Devadosan according to VV Minerals’ lawyer S Ravindran Duraisamy.

S Vaikundarajan has always remained behind the scenes and has never been a man to seek popularity or fame. The business rivals have taken advantage of precisely this and painted an evil picture of the man in the media.
When the scam was allegedly exposed the government had cleared VV Minerals for not owning any machinery that would make thorium mining possible.

Despite these clearances and repeated efforts by VV Minerals and Vaikundarajan their names are being dragged into this scam and the owner is being labeled a sand mafia, quite incorrectly.

Whether he is labeled a messiah or a sand mafia, S Vaikundarajan’s work and understanding of the industry cannot be belittled.


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