‘Thorium Scam’ Is Just A Word, In Reality It Is An Attempt To Frame VV Minerals

ThoriumVV Minerals and Vaikundarajqan repeatedly maintain their position and opinion of being victims of serious attempts at defamation and professional framing at the hands of their industry rivals. Their argument is simple, if we did not have the knowledge of thorium or the machinery to extract the said heavy mineral then where is the alleged ‘thorium scam’?

Vaikundarajan and VV Minerals allegedly blamed of a thorium scam have been in the heavy mineral mining industry for nearly twenty years. They have always been the ones to conduct business by the book.

The reasons for them being forerunners in the heavy mineral mining industry are manifold; following rules, maintaining licensing, professional achievements and green initiatives for surroundings and their dwellers are all natural courses of action for this company

When in 2013 the company was brought under the scanner for a thorium scam it came as a shock not just to those who are a part of the company but even its well wishers.

Majority of the populace in the same industry are miles away from comparing their success to the industry giant and thus VV Minerals suspects sinister intentions behind the alleged thorium scam proceedings.

However, all hope is not lost for the company and its owner S Vaikundarjan. They have challenged the claim of their involvement in the thorium scam with a case in the High Court.

While S Vaikundarajan is a low key, down-to-earth man, in the wake of the alleged thorium scam he has been painted a sand mafia.

Whether or not the thorium scam is a reality, VV Minerals or any of its associates are far from being a part of it.


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