VV Mineral India’s Rutile And Its Application In The Industry


VV Minerals India’s  PuRutile is superior to most other producers’ owing to its low phosphorous and sulphur content. The low levels of sulphur and phosphorous contamination is because of the use of electric kiln and solar energy drying.

VV Mineral India produces Rutile in addition to Ilmenite and garnet. VV Mineral India’s PuRutile is superior due to its low phosphorous and sulphur contamination as VVM uses electric kiln and solar energy for drying.

On the other hand, most of the manufacturers of this mineral with wide applications and advantages use oil fired furnaces.

In addition to VV Mineral’s hold over extensive areas for mining; continuing mining the same region guarantees consistency in quality of the end product.

The processing and the region from which the Rutile is procured lends it the following advantages

  1. Higher TiO2 content helps in less splattering and more slag formation
  2. VV Minerals Rutile has lesser traces of defiling contaminants like Niobium, Iron, Zirconium Dioxide, etc., which helps keep the flux intact during welding
  3. 0% oil usage not only reduces the sulphur contamination below 0.02 % but also saves the environment from getting polluted
  4. To preserve fossil fuels for the future generation, solar drying is used in spite of its excessive space requirement
  5. VV Minerals Rutile has proved to be in the preferred size range for smooth bonding of the flux

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