We Adhere To Prescribed Tailings Disposal Protocol”, Says Vaikundarajan

illegal-heavy-mineral-miningVaikundarajan the Chairman of sand mining and heave material export giant VV Minerals has a new perspective on the alleged accusations of illegal sand beach mining made on him.

Vaikundaranjan says, “We do not indulge in illegal sand beach mining and do not intend to extract or separate Monazite. We have no industrial or business use for it.”

“Now the government claims that it is naturally produced during the process of mineral separation and for which we use apt disposal processes as suggested by the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board,” he continues.

The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board or the AERB states that whilst dealing with monazite content in tailings post mineral separation, if the monazite content is less that 5% then the tailings have to be disposed of by mixing with silica-rich sand and backfilled at the mined out site.

In case, the monazite content is more than 5% then it has to be stored in trenches and topped with silica-rich sand to bring it to the background level.

“While VV Mineral does precisely this it is only now that the government officials are claiming that we are following improper disposal processes and techniques, which is absurd”, says a flummoxed Vaikundarajan

To make matters worse, Vaikundarajan claims that IREL has illegally mined in VV Mineral’s land and has indulged in other questionable practices. “No authority is ready to take action based on our complaint. Hence we have approached the High Court,” he adds.


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