Assessments Conducted at Heavy Mineral Producers like VV Mineral in Tamil Nadu

Zircon Mining

In spite of the fact that it is constantly seen as an illegitimate business, the heavy mineral mining industry is indeed a quite controlled industry. There are a few authorizations and clearances that need to be satisfied at the Area, State and Local level. These techniques are tedious and mandatory. Private Companies like VV Mineral are always under scrutiny.

There are statutory Powers like the Region Gatherer; Chief of Geography & Mining in the State Level and the IBM & AERB in the Focal level for investigation of the Mines frequently, to whom half- yearly and Yearly returns are being submitted.

The Sovereignty instalments versus the vehicle licenses are being examined every year by the Dy. Executive of Geography & Mining and neighbourhood Income Authorities.

In like manner the Transforming Units are being investigated by the Tamil Nadu Contamination Control Board Authorities; TN Power Board Authorities and the AERB Authorities, to whom the yearly returns are being submitted. In light of the audit of returns revisions are effected in the registers & records.

One of the chief organizations in India that is perceived for its mining assembling and substantial minerals in India is VV Mineral India. They are known to agree to all the authorizations and regulations by the State powers.

VV Minerals is basically perceived for the Garnet mining and fare as they are the biggest exporters in the business. They are additionally the first privately owned business to fare ilmenite. It is owned by S. Vaikundarajan and managed by his son V. Subramanian.


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