The VV Minerals Story

VV-MineralsThe journey from where VV Mineral became a company to one of the largest heavy mineral mining company’s in India started in 1989. Back then turnover was Rs 64 lakh, today its makes a turnover of nearly Rs. 500 crore.

Such has been its transformation. With hard work, dedication and innovation, the company has reached its pinnacle in the trade and made its mark in the industry. VV Minerals is a privately owned heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu is managed by Subiah Vaikundarajan.

A year into its formation, the company built a garnet processing unit in Keeraikaranthattu, with a capacity of about 5000 metric tons per annum in 1989. In those days, domestic consumption for Garnet abrasives was small, so its major client was a UAE-based company. Since then the company has significantly diversified its businesses into construction, infrastructure, textiles, chemicals, pigments, food and agro businesses.

They also deal with Zircon mining, Rutile mining and Ilmenite mining. Today Vaikundarajan modest company stands at a Rs. 2000 crore conglomerate. With young manager like V Subramanian, who is the son of Mr. Vaikundarajan, the company continues to grow creating higher prospects for India to excel in the global markets.


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