Vaikundarajan’s Office Premises Raided, No Large-Scale Violations Revealed

V-V-MineralA few years ago, the police raided the factory and office premises of VV Mineral, S Vaikundarajan at Keeraikaaranthattu to prove a case of alleged export of sand rich in thorium. As the export of thorium in any form is punishable under the Atomic Energy Commission Act, a case was registered against Mr. Vaikundarajan. However, these allegations were not true and the case was dropped.

Two teams consisting of the district revenue officer, special deputy collector, assistant director of mines, revenue divisional officer- Kovilpatti, pollution control boards and other people in high positions conducted the raids for nearly 6 whole hours.

Unsurprisingly the outcome of the raids at VV Minerals emerges without any large scale violations.  However, other companies fall into the ditch as they were charged with illegal mining activities. Fines were imposed on the companies later based on the outcome of the final report sent by the collector.

Yet the stigma attached to it, still prickles. In the years to follow, we have reconnected with the public and sought to bring our good name back.

VV Minerals, India is a privately owned company which was set up in the year 1989. The company is a family grown business and the chairman of the company is Mr. S. Vaikundarajan. The company is involved in rutile, garnet, ilmenite and zircon mining. These operations are done in the district named Tuticorin and also along the stretches of beaches situated at Vaipar, Vembar and Periyasamipuram.


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