Illmenite Overlooked In India, Yet Illegal Minerals Mining Said To Be 96k Cr Biz In TN

Ilmenite Mining


According to Mr V Subramanian, managing director of VV Minerals owner, Illmenite is being overlooked in the country. His statement comes at a time when estimates say that illegal mineral mining costs the state of Tamil Nadu Rs 96,000.

Rivals have accused S Vaikundarajan, Mr V Subramanian father as being the kingpin of such illegal activities. A reason for such accusations lays in the fact that these companies are envious of VV Minerals growth in the sector and the goodwill it holds among the community. In any account these accusations proved to be false.

On the pressing matter of Illmenite, Mr Subramanian believes India have no value as far as their resources are concerned. Ilmenite is found in great percentage along the Indian coast. Facts as per AMDER state that there is about 348 million tons of ilmenite present in the country. This amounts to about 24.85% of the global markets. With this resource being in abundance in our country, India contributes only 6% towards the production of ilmenite.

VV Minerals is one of the pre-eminent companies that deal with Illmenite mining. The company is also one of the first companies to export ilmenite worldwide. VV Mineral is a privately owned heavy mineral mining company based in Tamil Nadu and managed by Mr.S. Vaikundarajan. He is the chairman, managing director of the VV Group of companies. The Company is a family grown business which was started in the year 1989. Since then the company has gone on to scale new heights year after year.


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