VV Minerals, V. Subramanian Voyage In The Mineral Mining World

V SubramanianVV Mineral, managing director V Subramanian, joined the family owned company back in 2002 and has been responsible for modernising and preserving the garnet and ilmenite market in India.

As a Business Administration postgraduate from St Xaviers College, India, young V Subramanian joined the management team of VV Mineral in April 2002. For the first two years, he managed the accounts and finance of the company and would later look in the major diversification in the textile business. During this time period, (between 2004 and 2005) V. Subramanian also managed production and projects.

With an eye of seeking good investment ventures, Mr. V Subramanian played a key role in the takeover of Kilburn Chemicals in 2011.  Today, that company that produces Tio2 is called VV Titanium Pigments. It caters specifically to the Indian market.

Taking a keen interest in a child’s education Mr. V Subramanian has established VV Charitable Trust. The Trust assists children who are in need of such initiatives, by offering them free education. The Trust also aids various local schools by facilitating numerous amenities and repairs.

V Subramanian believes in India’s domestic market and sees an enormous potential in the country for further growth. At present, India’s consumption of pigment is 1.5kg per person, while in developed countries the consumption of pigment is 4kg per person.  The same trend applies for other minerals like zircon and rutile as well.

The company is owned by Mr V Subramanian, father Vaikundarajan.


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