VV Mineral, Mining Manufacturer also Conscious Towards Environment

VV Mineral MiningVV Mineral, mining is a heavy mineral mining company in Tamil Nadu that manufactures minerals like Garnet, Ilmenite, Zircon and Rutile. Although it is a mining company, they are very conscious about how their activities affect the environment and their surroundings. They use sea water in concentration plants to save precious fresh water at the rate of 1,600 litres per ton of product produced. This works out to annual savings of 1.2 million kilolitres. They do not use any chemical processes in MSP and wet plants. They have a zero discharge closed circuit water recirculation system. They use wind turbines to generate alternative energy.

From the above activities it is clear that VV Minerals employs the best global practices and latest equipment and infrastructure to ensure CSR is a way of life at the Company that benefits all stakeholders stretching across the four highlighted categories.

The company is privately held by S. Vaikundarjan. Other members of top management include V. Subramanian, Jegatheesan, and Muthurajan. They have huge market share with countries like Australia U.S. and other European countries.


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