VV Minerals Help In Preserving Nuclear Gold By Returning It To The Sands

V V Minerals IndiaVV Minerals is a private heavy mineral mining company that is into beach mineral mining of elements like ilmenite, rutile, zircon and garnet. VV Minerals chairman, S. Vaikundarajan believes that in protecting the environment by all means. After the mining process the nuclear gold is returned to the sand which does not subject it to being exported unlawfully. VV Minerals employ various engineers who are extremely skilled and knowledgeable and under whose guidance all the mining activities are carried out.

Therefore, VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan does everything possible to return the nuclear gold back to the sands such that it does not get exploited.  VV Minerals performs all its business activities by following all the government regulations and abiding by the rules. S. Vaikundarajan makes sure that he keeps his employees satisfied and also the people of the nearby rural areas by following his CSR initiatives. VV Minerals has also played a very important role in the development of the mining sector in India by contributing highly towards exports of minerals. Apart from this they also support a lot of small scale local industries and help in generating employment.


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