No Irregularities In Beach Mineral Mining By VV Mineral, Suspension To Be Removed

VV MineralSuspension on the mining and transportation of minerals including garnet, Ilemnite and rutile across Tamil Nadu is on the verge to be removed. This Suspension was levied upon by the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. As the investigation was carried out into the case involving 71 beach mineral mining quarries for irregularities, the investigating body did not find any such evidence that would indicate any irregularity in the first place. The case was a false one and VV Minerals, Vaikundarajan was wrongly mistaken to have committed a scam.

This news came as a relief to all the VV Mineral supporters as after the ban was removed they were able to start off with their business once again. S. Vaikundarajan is a very reputed personality who holds a good position in the society and is respected by all. Therefore, it is very difficult to believe that he would do such a thing just for money. S. Vaikundarajan follows his ethics and principles and believes in a sustainable form of development for his company. VV Minerals owes its success to S. Vaikundarajan.


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