A Ray Of Hope For The Heavy Mineral Mining Industry

VV Mineral MiningDuring recent times it has been noticed that due to several reasons the heavy mineral mining business is experiencing a tough time in India. The never ending scams in this sector have also given way to speculations and generalizations. People have also started taking things in a negative way because of this. At this point of time all that the heavy mineral mining industry needs is help from the government.  VV Minerals, India is one of the largest players in this business and VV Mineral, V Subramanian feels that the industry is suffering a downturn because of the blanket of ban that restricts them from a lot of activities in this heavy mineral mining business.

S. Vaikundarajan feels that there are several changes that need to be brought in by the government in order for this industry to foster. Things like proper infrastructure, having ports that are deeper will reduce the freight charges. Provision of sufficient power supply is another area of concern.  High export duty on ilmenite should also be reduced to make trading with other nations more viable. There are also certain laws to protect the Processing units that have ignored the interests of the beach mineral mining industry totally. Therefore, VV Mineral Mining is hopeful about the new government and S. Vaikundarajan feels that if their plea is considered in the budget then a lot of changes can be brought about in the industry for the good.


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