S. Vaikundarajan – The Great Mind Behind VV Mineral

VaikundarajanS.Vaikundarajan  fondly called ‘annachi’ (tamil term for elder brother) by a lot of people in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu has paved way for himself as one of the pioneers of the beach mineral mining industry. Having a very kind and humble nature he is the founder and managing director of VV Mineral that is majorly engaged in the heavy mineral mining department and also exports. He has a very intense personality and a grave character. Always being modest, economical and down to earth are a few of his distinctive traits. But when it comes to charity he is the most liberal.

He belongs to a place called Keeraikaranthattu, that is located around 70 KM away from Tirunelveli, that is the district capital. Being born in an agricultural family he started off by assisting his dad in a rice mill. However, by putting in great effort he managed his way up with rice trading, creating a co-operative society for rice distribution before starting VV Minerals, India. Having done his schooling in the village close by Mr. S. Vaikundarajan was also involved in farming activities with his family to support the then weak financial conditions of his family.


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