V.V. Mineral’s Four-Way CSR Approach

CSR InitiativesV.V. Mineral the country’s leading heavy mineral mining company began its journey in the year 1989, in which it was established. Some of the most influential people in laying down the foundations of the company include Mr. Vaikundarajan and Mr. V. Subramanian.

VV Minerals India focuses their CSR initiatives to four broad groups of shareholders:

1.    The marketplace = consumers and shareholders

2.    The workplace = employees and unions

3.    The community = local communities

4.    The environment = Government and NGOs

The Marketplace

The marketplace, which means the people who are involved in the business activities with V.V. Mineral are the most important stakeholders of the company. The best service is provided to the buyers. Some important aspects that we adhere to, in order to maintain free flow of business are maintaining high purity levels of the product. Making sure that the products are delivered on time and upholding high quality packaging. Also, conducting eco friendly operations.

The Workplace

In an attempt to developing the local areas and enhancing the lifestyle of the local public near Tisayanvilai, VV Minerals India have provided the local employees special facilities that keep them motivated to work as well as  helps make their lives simpler. Some of these facilities include, providing free accommodation and free medical checkups for the employees as well as their families.

The Community

The CSR activities aimed at community include, improving basic infrastructure of nearby school by providing benches, desks and blackboards. Also includes construction of roads and toilet facilities for nearby villages, dengue fever awareness campaign, bus shelter for Arasoor village, building of public health centre and others.

The Environment

Saving water, No air, water and sound pollution, Power generation through wind mills, regular monitoring of ground water levels and quality of air using latest methods


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