How Does Heavy Mineral Mining Affect The Economy Of The Country

Zircon MiningHeavy mineral mining can have economic as well as social benefits to the countries that indulge in mining. It creates employment opportunities for local people which will significantly raise the social status of the people.

It also leads to development of various infrastructure projects such as roads, ports, dams and others.

Because Tamil Nadu is a coastal state, they have a lot of coastal professions that contribute highly to the state economy. One of the chief economic contributors can be Garnet mining. Not just Garnet, even other minerals such as Rutile, Ilmenite, and Zircon mining. In 2010, India was the leading Garnet exporter in the world. In 2012, Tamil Nadu was the leading producer of rutile accounting for 47% and ilmenite contributing 52% production.

The mining activities also contribute significantly to the economies of countries endowed with the minerals by generating significant export and direct government revenues. Such countries also benefit from direct tax and royalty payments.

One of the leading private heavy mineral mining companies in India is VV Mineral. VV Minerals, India is a family grown business started by Mr. S Vaikundarajan, Chairman of VV Group of companies. They manufacture and export heavy minerals such as Zircon, Garnet, Rutile and Ilmenite.


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