Quality Control Checks by V V Mineral

Quality control, vv mineral

V.V. Mineral has an independent and fully empowered quality control department in each production/processing centre. The team monitors each and every bag production and checks the sample thrice before packed to maintain the quality. The laboratories, both at the plant and warehouse, are fully equipped to make the necessary tests for quality and sieve analysis as per IS standards

Quality is ensured by a continuous process starting from the mines to the centralized laboratories. Grade wise check is done at all plants and cent percent exactitude is also established at the labs.

  • Chemical analysis done by – XRF
  • Sediment Solids done by – Hack Spectrophotometer
  • Conductivity and Moisture content – Mettler

Every Shipment comes with a guaranteed Quality Certification from our Central Laboratories, under the reference of ISO 11127- 2. Our centralized laboratories at the warehouse not only checks the materials to stated qualities, but also ensures that each shipment is made only when the quality of the materials conforms to required customer specifications for that shipment.


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