Advantages of Working in VV Mineral

working in VV Mineral, VV Mineral

Taking care of the entire team and our workforce is one of our top priorities at VV Minerals, India. We have created a lot of employment options for the local people here in Tamil Nadu. We provide the best of the facilities to our employees in order to keep them satisfied with their work with us.

The process of mining begins with the extraction of sand known as beach sand mining. Our recruits manually transfer the extracted sand to the vehicles that transport it to the processing unit. From there the sand is processed using various washing and separation methods. After it is separated, our dedicated task force keeps on checking for quality of product every three hours so as to ensure the best.

We provide our employees with facilities like, free accommodation, subsidized meals that cost only about 15-20 Rupees a day, salaries that are higher than government stipulated wages, and they can even opt for loans.

VV Mineral also offers educational benefits to those who have kids in school or in college, besides all this they are tendered with free annual medical aid and insurance. This insurance covers all illnesses, ranging from minor to major.

Every employee is trained for their skills in mining, and also in other safety aspects such as fire safety and first aid. There are a lot of other training sessions that the employees benefit from like, motivational training, behavioral training, team building exercises, software training, and sports and recreational facilities.

We owe our success on the dedication of these employees who have put in their genuine efforts to make us the number one heavy mineral mining company in India.


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